Our Characteristics


PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS follows a “service delivery model” holding ourselves out as an objective provider of advice that places the interests of our clients first.  PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS typically will not sell traditional products from a brokerage firm and generally will not be compensated for the products utilized by clients.

Breadth and Integration of Services

PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS provides a wide array of services and typically oversee their clients’ entire financial universe. PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will have full information about their clients investments, tax situation, estate plan and family dynamics. With this information, PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS can assist in structuring and administering clients’ financial universe in an optimal fashion.

High Touch Services

PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will have high average account sizes (usually in the tens to hundreds of millions range) and low client to employee ratios (around 3 to 1 range). Large account sizes combined with low client-to-employee ratios allows a great deal of focus and attention on each client family. Meetings with clients often occur multiple times a year and for some families there could be multiple conversations on a daily basis.

Multi-Generational Planning

PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will work with an entire family – the patriarch/matriarch, their children and grandchildren. Planning encompasses the family’s goals that typically include passing wealth down to generations in a tax efficient manner. Children and grandchildren are clients and are counseled on investments, taxes, estate planning, and philanthropy from an early age.


PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will NOT provide all services in-house. PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will have the client’s interests in hand when deciding whether or not to outsource a particular investment activity. PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS plans to rely heavily on the 1st class custodian and trustee expertise of multiple back office service providers.

Focus on Taxable Investor

PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS will have a myopic focus on taxable investors as the bulk of their client’s assets are subject to short and long term capital gains. This is unique to very high net worth families. Most investment research (academic and financial service industry) is geared toward the institutional investor and foundations (with very different tax concerns than individuals and families). The bulk of the research done for the individual investor relates to 401ks and IRAs.

The Virtual Family Office

PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS depends on the back office practices of multiple custodians and third-party institutions. By outsourcing these key tasks, PROFICIO CAPITAL PARTNERS can keep costs extremely low, benefit from the expertise of established market leaders, and be able to carefully evaluate the need to bring the services in-house or to maintain outsourcing longer term.

Key outsourced services include the following:

  • Global asset custody
  • Alternative Asset Administration
  • Consolidated information management/reporting
  • Compliance monitoring and risk services
  • Financial recordkeeping
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Mortgages/Lines of Credit/Margin Lending
  • Fiduciary & Trust Solutions