About Us

Proficio employs an opportunistic approach to diversification through the construction of a highly diversified and actively allocated combination of asset classes and securities using both internally managed and externally managed investment vehicles. The Firm builds bespoke portfolios utilizing our institutional backgrounds and experience in financial markets to deliver a comprehensive and integrated dynamic plan for our families complete financial affairs, including investment management, wealth transfer strategies through estate planning and philanthropic initiatives, proactive tax and multi-generational planning, administrative services, risk management, and implementation of family governance. 

Proficio offers a sophisticated institutional framework to the family office in which Proficio Partners invest alongside our family investors 100% of the time with the same terms.


Tax Planning

Proficio ‘tax alpha’ is a core tenant of every investment we make for our families. Our planning, analysis and execution of each family’s tax liabilities begins on January 1 and is a year-round focus and not something to be addressed only in December.

Risk Management

As fiduciaries, Proficio takes a holistic approach to risk management in which we incorporate each family’s unique factors and variables into our analysis to develop a custom risk assessment for every one of our families.

Estate Planning

Proficio leverages the estate planning strategies we have deployed for our partners’ families to build a multi-faceted and multi-generational estate plan to meet the specific and unique needs of our families. Our team works hand-in-hand with each family’s team of outside professionals to execute the strategy in harmony.   


Proficio provides counsel through guidance and recommendations to our families on the development of philanthropic strategies as well as the best and most efficient ways to deploy charitable capital.

Administrative Services

Proficio’s Client Services team actively manages all the day-to-day needs for your family. This includes, but is not limited to cash management, asset movement and operations, account and tax management, insurance needs, reporting, and outsourced financial administration (bill pay and expense management, lifestyle management, and budgeting).

Family Governance

Proficio helps manage all aspects of family governance and proper structuring of unique solutions, governance, philanthropic wishes and investment management to build comprehensive multi-generational solutions.

Financial Planning

Through our proprietary and tactically managed asset allocation models, Proficio builds portfolios that match the risk/reward, income and capital appreciation required to maximize after-tax, after-fee, risk adjusted returns.  We work to optimize each family’s balance sheet to preserve wealth and tailor and implement bespoke solutions.

Investment Management

Proficio builds proprietary scenario analysis models to develop investment strategies to meet present, future and next generation needs. We incorporate public securities, private securities, uncorrelated investments, alternatives and precious metals into our customized portfolios to maximize risk/reward returns for our families. We look across geographies, landscapes and sectors to determine where the best opportunities exist for investment.