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April 2024 (Forbes:)

Fueling the AI Revolution: The Power of American Natural Gas


April 2024 (Forbes:)

Golden Opportunity: The Madness is just getting Started!

March 2024 (Forbes):

Navigating Recession and Reflation: Scylla and Charybdis

February 2024 (Forbes):

BLS Jobs Report: Clear as Mud!

August 2023 (Forbes):

Gold Can’t Be Downgraded and It’s no one’s Liability

The Stock Market Loves Bidenomics (So Far)

March 2023 (Forbes):

Wanted Ice Cream Scoopers – $23/hr – Yes, The Service Economy Is Booming

January 2023 (Forbes):

I’m a Believer – The Monkees weren’t the only big hit of 1966-1967

December 2022 (Forbes):

Key Major Macro Relationships are Changing

August 2022 (Forbes):

Is there Anywhere to Hide in This Market? One Word: CASH

May 2022 (Forbes):

It’s a Contra Machina…Yes, the Machine is running in Reverse

May 2022 (Forbes):

The Great Gold/Bitcoin Debate (part 3)

April 2022 (Forbes):

Crunch Time for the Markets

February 2022 (Forbes):

Want a Contrarian Idea? Accumulate Long Term Government Bonds

January 2022 (Forbes):

Small Data Sample shows Big Potential

January 2022 (Forbes):

A Return to Regular Order?

November 2021 (Forbes):

Are Stocks cheap or expensive?

September 2021 (Forbes):

Powell Plays a dangerous game with our economy and financial markets

July 2021 (Forbes):

The Federal Reserve and the American Dream

June 2021 (Bloomberg Radio)

Bob Haber latest market thoughts on Bloomberg Radio (22:42 mark)

June 2021 (Forbes):

Where does Inflation go from here?

April 2021 (Forbes):

Is it the End of the 60/40 Allocation Model?

March 2021 (Forbes):

Are there monsters in our Investment Closet?

February 2021 (Forbes):

The Economic Experiments Have Begun

January 2021 (Forbes):  

The “Silver” Lining for Investors

December 2020 (Forbes):

The Great Gold Vs Bitcoin debate

November 2020 (Podcast with “Downtown” Josh Brown)

Bob Haber discusses the outlook for Portfolio allocation with “Downtown” Josh Brown

October 2020 (Forbes):

Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Macro Investing

July 2020 (Forbes):

US Dollar in Trouble? 

April 2020 (Forbes):

Long-Dated Treasuries still look buyable

April 2020 (Forbes):

The US Desperately needs Inflation and you need Gold!

March 2020 (Forbes):

When is Our Battle of Midway Moment?

March 2020 (Forbes):

The Fed Fires ‘The Big One’

March 2020 (Forbes):

Let’s Get Real – It’s time for TIPS

March 2020 (Forbes):

Asset Allocators: We have a problem and it’s not the stock market

March 2020 (Bloomberg Radio):

Bob Haber speaks on bloomberg radio after Fed emergency rate cuts.

February 2020 (Forbes):

A Full Deflationary Panic: What’s next for Coronavirus and the Fed?

December 2019 (Forbes):
Don’t Fight the Fed – Did that advice really work for 2019?

September 2019 (Forbes):
With Stresses in Overnight Funding, How Will Mortgage REITs Fare?

September 2019 (Bloomberg Radio):
Bob Haber’s latest market thoughts

August 2019 (Forbes):
Sudden Media Infatuation with Keynes’ ‘Barbaric Relic’

June 2019 (Forbes):
The Taxman Cometh For You – Now What?

June 2019 (Bloomberg Radio) :
Bob Haber’s Discussion on the recent Fed moves

May 2019 (Forbes):
When the Fed Chair Takes the Podium the Markets Take Cover

April 2019 (Bloomberg Radio):
Bob Haber’s thoughts on the current macro environment

February 2019 (Bloomberg Radio):
Bob Haber’s recent market color

February 2019 (Forbes):
The Fed Owns This Stock Market