Direct Investments

Through our expansive global network, Proficio families gain access to exclusive equity, debt, and alternative private and direct investment opportunities. Similar to all of our investments, Proficio partners will invest alongside our clients at the exact same terms after extensive and thorough due diligence completed by our research team and legal counsel. Through our partnerships with operators, Private Equity firms, and other Single and Multi-Family Offices, Proficio has the ability to source opportunities across sectors and spaces, and ultimately, only selects the best-in-class management teams that meet our high standards and investor’s unique needs.

Direct Investments


Proficio has partnered directly in the origination of a Fund dedicated to purchasing sale-leaseback and owner-operated Farmland in the Northwest and California. Our GP partner seeks ‘below the radar’ assets in non-commodity agricultural produce and peripheral assets.  Our sale-leaseback structure allows us to participate in a cost-effective way, without taking operating and farming risks.  We view this as an attractive real-estate play where the value in the underlying land provides both an inflation hedge as well as diversity in non-traditional real estate.


Proficio invested in a roll up strategy in the cold storage warehouse space.   The defensive characteristics, the industry fragmentation, as well as the tax benefits attracted Proficio to the space.   This particular deal was sourced as a co-investment through a major private equity firm.   The company has since grown significantly and is now the 2nd largest cold storage warehouse company in the US.   The company is in the process of obtaining REIT status and may look to go public in the not so distant future.


Proficio was an early investor in BOND, a digital printing company, whose strategy was to provide personalization and concierge services through written correspondence.   After a very short holding period, this investment was sold at a premium to Newell Rubbermaid as a compliment to their $3 billion portfolio of writing products.   Proficio worked closely with the CEO/Founder as well as serving in advisory capacity to the company.


Proficio has recently partnered with a private London-based dry bulk shipping company to acquire and operate seasoned panamax and supramax vessels. Through prudent management and reasonable levels of leverage, we are able to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with limited downside for shareholders. The opportunity to invest presented itself ahead of new environmental regulations being implemented at the beginning of 2020 (“IMO20”). Our strategy revolves around retrofitting older vessels with “scrubbers” which awards shipowners willing to put up the capital with generous returns for upgrading their vessels to comply with the new regulation.


Proficio has partnered with a “best in class” tech platform in early-stage capital raises for several notable tech platforms.  We enjoy access to this pipeline of great ideas in the private market and it gives us the opportunity to invest in the “next best thing” before the go public.  This allows us to create value for shareholders before the IPO and we believe in the world of companies waiting longer to become public, this strategy has to be implemented.


Strategically invested in RENEW Energy Partners, an innovative green energy-as-a-service infrastructure and engineering company. RENEW provides a single point of contact for clients, providing end-to-end design, oversight, financing, and management of energy-efficiency retrofits for older buildings.  RENEW funds the up-front investment in energy-saving technologies in exchange for a share of the cost-savings that building owners receive over time from reduced utility bills.  RENEW works with an array of design-build firms, energy-efficiency companies, and other partners to identify sustainability projects to fund and execute.Through local tax incentives and our financing partners, we believe RENEW will be a win-win-win for customers, investors and the environment.


Proficio is an investor in a Permian-basin-based mineral rights opportunities company. With the advent of horizontal drilling, certain areas in the Permian basin once thought to be mineral-poor have now proven to be mineral-rich. Through geological expertise and judicious underwriting, we are able to purchase the drilling rights to newly found mineral-rich land in the Permian and adjacent territories. Our strategy of parceling smaller acreage together to eventually lease to on-shore drillers has proven to create significant value for both customers and drilling companies, as well as investors.


Proficio made direct investments in a unique mineral rights company focused exclusively on the energy-rich Haynesville Shale.  We view Natural gas as a longer-term secular play that will likely be used for the foreseeable future as the bridge toward cleaner energy.  We also view the US as a longer-term supplier world of Natural gas given the demand and the geopolitical spectrum of supply.  Proficio investors own a cash-distributing asset that we have underwritten for a longer-term gain.


Proficio partnered with Peachtree Hotel Group, a developer of regional franchised hotels, to deploy strategic capital into the newly designated “Opportunity Zones” as described in the latest federal tax legislation. By acquiring assets in strategic geographies (such as near universities, hospitals, and airports) we are able to deploy capital at solid risk-adjusted returns with the added benefit of certain tax deferral and elimination.


Proficio has had the opportunity to partner with LAZ Parking, one of the largest parking garage operators in the country, in investments in several parking garages across the USA.  Specifically, through this partnership, we have made individual investments in parking garages in Boston (Motormart), Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Nashville.  We like the return profile of parking garages as they generally have high visibility cash that is largely sheltered by depreciation, making the after-tax return quite attractive.


Proficio has partnered with several leading Real Estate investors to invest in unique and distinctive assets including, a diversified hotel developer in Opportunity Zones, a Canadian Real Estate fund dedicated to student housing, long-term care facilities, data storage, and industrial and a local Florida dedicated developer that converts apartment buildings into improved and more value-added condominium.


Proficio partnered directly, along with a leading VC partner, in a Capital Raise for an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology designed to automate Warehouse logistics by the use of fully automated Forklifts, Tuggers, and pallet trucks.   Through this investment, Proficio Investors get exposure to a new-age technology designed to improve the “pain points” in the new-age economy for warehouse logistics and the US onshoring of manufacturing.


Proficio Partnered with a Leading Private Equity Firm in the Launch of a new fund designed specifically to purchase secondary stakes in NBA Franchises.  Proficio views this as an attractive and value creating investment, given the scarcity of such opportunities and the demand for these types of assets in the long term.  NBA franchises have had very little correlation to asset markets and can provide a relatively uncorrelated exposure to a scarce asset class that has generally appreciated in both bull and bear markets throughout history.  The NBA is also on the verge of a new media deal which could also add value to this investment.


Proficio partnered with a leading Private equity firm, dedicated to resources, in the purchase of the largest Soda Ash/Trona mine in the USA from a large E&P operator.  The purchase was done at an attractive time in the market, mid-2020, and at a very attractive valuation.  Soda Ash/Trona is a leading ingredient in the making of glass, pharmaceuticals, detergent, and solar panels and therefore the demand for this resource far exceeds the supply.   The thesis has already been proven with a most recent secondary sale of this asset to a leading Canadian pension plan.


Proficio partnered with another Single Family office partner, in the formation of a new MLB Baseball Agency, led by Greg Genske.  Within a couple of years of formation, Genske Entertainment Management (GEM), merged with Vaynersports, to launch a fully scaled multi-sport agency based in NY and California.  The Agency now represents 100+ Athletes, including many All-stars, across MLB, NFL, NBA, and Combat and Gaming sports.  Through this investment, Proficio investors get exposure to an uncorrelated asset with a high return profile.

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Proficio has partnered with a leading asset management firm that is dedicated to water rights and solving the inefficiencies that currently exist in the Southwest.  Given the water demands, misuse, and demographics in the Southwest creating meaningful long-term water scarcity, there is a real need to re-appropriate water to where it is needed most.  Due to this need, Proficio’s has funded a partner in its purchase of several pieces of land with Senior water rights as well as a large groundwater aquifer.  The intent is to create an efficient way of moving this water to municipalities that are in high demand for this precious resource.  Over time, our view is this will create stable cash flows for our investors, as well as a really attractive valuation move as the “value” of this resource, grows.